"Technology is a word that describes something that doesn’t work yet."

— Douglas Adams

Why Aruba?

Leverage the value of the world’s most connected community that runs on trust. Oh and the locals speak 4 to 5 languages on average, we are part of the Netherlands (i.e., European Union perks) and are just a short flight from the biggest capital and startup hubs in North and South America. Did we mention paradise? Yes, there is that too. But who’s counting.


ATECH* XL is a global community of change-makers who offer a collaborative accelerator platform for early-stage tech startups in the most unconventional of settings: the paradise island of Aruba. Yet, it makes perfect sense.

We are not just about getting startups off the ground and funded. We are hands-on partners who invest in the people we believe in and companies we share values with. We help co-create your community of early-adopters and gladiators.

You can expect a first-rate curriculum and an awesome community.

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Our global community of world-class mentors, venture capitalists, angel investors, serial entrepreneurs and industry leaders are committed to your success.

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